Hey! Thanks for checking out the calendar. This year's been one full of changes, and I've kept the work load light to keep some sanity as I settle into new routines. In the meantime, I've been working on some exciting session work (more on that soon!) and am looking forward to hitting the stage more again as I move into my new home. If you'd like to hire me, I'm booking dates for November (2022) onward. If you'd like to come out to a show, keep an eye out for more come Fall!


12th - Baltimore Spirits Company Cocktail Gallery w/ Sam Guthridge, 6:30-9pm (Baltimore, MD)

29th - Nick's Fish House w/ Clendenen Brothers Bluegrass, 4-7pm (Baltimore, MD)


10th- Private Event w/ Charles Arthur (Charlottesville, VA)

11th -Private Event w/ Charles Arthur (Crozet, VA)

18th -Private Event w/ Bryan McDowell (Charlottesville, VA)

24th - Private Event w/ Lu Furtado (Crozet, VA)

26th - Shenandoah Soirée for the Shenandoah National Park Trust w/ Bryan McDowell (Little Washington, VA)


27th - Oak Grove Music Festival w/ Irene Kelly (Verona, VA)

28th - The Beautiful Women Festival of Music at B Chord Brewing, w/ Clara George and Emma McDowell (Round Hill, VA)


3rd - Private event w/ the High & Wides (Howard County, MD)

4th - Nick's Fish House w/ Nate Clendenen (Baltimore, MD)

23rd -Berlin Fiddler's Convention w/ the High & Wides (Berlin, MD)

24th - Pherm Brewing w/ the High & Wides (Gambrills, MD)


14th - Historic Masonic Theater w/ Irene Kelley (Clifton, VA)

29th - Private Event, with myself (Skyland, VA)


6th - Special SNP Trust Special Event, performing w/ Bryan McDowell, The Inn at Little Washington, Little Washington, VA

~ 2023 ~


18th - 24th Fiddle instructor at the Kaufman Kamp, Bluegrass Week