Learn Fiddle

(Or Violin...)

Teaching Philosophy: 

I believe everyone - no matter how old, young, "tone deaf," or "rhythm deaf" - is capable of learning to make music. My goal is to help each student become independent, creative, and well-rounded musicians and I strive to make lessons fun and challenging. Most of all, I want my students to leave with the skills to do whatever brings them most joy in music, whether that be playing tunes with friends, playing in a band, writing their own music, or joining a school or community orchestra.

Private Online Lessons


"Malia is THE BEST!! I was extremely intimidated to pick up an instrument (especially the fiddle), but she made learning very approachable, fun, and rewarding. Can't wait to sign up for more!" (Summer/Fall 2020)

"Malia is simply amazing with the kids. She conveys enthusiasm and encouragement while at the same time providing correction and guidance, which is wonderful and very effective.”  

"I just wanted you to know that I am truly enjoying my fiddle class and love my instructor Malia. She's absolutely excellent in every way. This fiddle class is the happiest thing I have going on my life right now, so again I thank you very much."

"Malia is a delightfully dedicated teacher, her small group classes are demanding in just the right positive way, that encourages my child to practice and be prepared for class without feeling worried or intimidated by learning new music skills."

"Malia is such a creative teacher. She teaches rhythm & reading music with legos which is directly connected to fractions- so cool! She is patient & encourages my daughter to challenge herself." (Summer/Fall 2020 - children’s programming survey)

Teaching Credentials & Experience: